Friday, July 27, 2012

Vintage Wedding Colors

I realized I hadn't put any details about the wedding I am planning. Well, aside from the Vintage Part. As I said before in Painting on Ceramic: an experiment...  D'anna already had her colors picked out and paint samples in hand when I went over to her house to take pictures of her house, where she wants to have the wedding. She hands them to me and I immediately love the colors.

Soft Coral
So, I will be posting lots of tutorials with paint in these colors. FUN!!!

Funny story... I have these colors so stuck in my head because I am trying to come up with ideas for the wedding, that I was mixing polymer clay the other night, just mixing colors for fun to see what I could come up with and then I was going to braid them into my favorite bangles that I make. Low and behold, I had made a soft coral and a wasabi bracelet. Of course they had glitter in them, so it wasn't exact but they are really pretty together. Can't wait to see what I come up with (yes, I am my own cheerleader! GO ME!)

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  1. This really is a gorgeous color palette. I love it! I did black, white, and aqua for mine and I kind of wish I'd have done a lighter theme. Oh well. Anyway, I am officially your newest follower! Yay for being blog friends!