Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Music of the week: Shinedown

Shinedown's album newest album came out in March and it rocks. Every time I hear a new one on the radio, I am never disappointed. I am a huge rock fan and these guys definitely deliver. Plus, one of their new songs really speaks to me.

Ok, I was not one of the popular kids, I was the fat girl in Choir. Now, in Choir, I was kind of one of the top dogs, but that really doesn't set you up for popularity in your class. Don't get me wrong, I had friends in my class, but I didn't socialize with most of them. I was happy being the odd girl in the back of the class who was just waiting for advisory period so I could go to hang out in the choir room. Yes, I got made fun of, but I like to think overcame it. One of the lines in the song says, "All you'll ever be is a fading memory of a bully." I hear that and think to myself, I remember being made fun of for being different, but I couldn't tell you who said it to me. I remember the words, unfortunately, but the who is lost in my mind. Which is probably a good thing for that person, because being who I am now, I would probably slap them if they tried to talk to me at a Reunion or something. Kids are brutal, there's no getting around that and now that I have kids, I worry that they will go through this too. But the one thing my husband make sure of is that our girls know that not only are they beautiful, but they are smart and can do anything and my son, we teach him to be smart, strong and kind. I think this will give them the confidence they need in life. Man, I went off on a tangent with this post today. Whatever, its good to get things out sometimes. Anyway, Enjoy Shinedown!! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Post: Kassi From Truly Lovely!!!

So excited to have my first ever blog guest. Its from Kassi at Truly lovely! Their site has been a big inspiration for me getting into the blogging world. So, with out further ado, take it away Kassi! (I feel like a game show host!)

Hi there lovelies! My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely!

It's an 'all things lovely' blog written by me and my sister Kayli! I am so excited to be blog swapping with the lovely Leslie today! She's over at our place sharing a sweet DIY/crafty post, so when you're finished here I'm sure she'd love a visit from a familiar face. ;)
I don't know about you, but I carry some sort of tote, purse, or other bag with me pretty much at all times... SO when I got married last July I figured a fun tote bag would make a great gift for my bridesmaids! A personalized tote bag with a few zebra print accents were just the thing! ;)personalized tote bags
I started with plain black tote bags
(I got mine in packages of three from Hobby Lobby).
Then I used my Silhouette SD to cut each girls' name out of vinyl to make the stencil.
I just cut around and then peeled the names off the vinyl sheet and stuck each one in the center of a tote. Make sure you get all those random little middle pieces too. You know the center of an a or an o, to make sure the letters show up well.
Once they were stuck on and smoothed out, I used a small paint brush to fill in the stencil with white paint. painting a tote bag
I decided on the black and white zebra theme with their bags because I figured that might be something they'd be more likely to use over again than the wedding colors. That's also the reason I didn't add "Bridesmaid" or anything more specific than their name. I like to give gifts that can be used over and over!
Once their names were dry (it took a few coats of the white paint to get it bright enough on the black background), I hot glued a zebra ribbon around the top of each tote.
A couple fabric rosettes made from zebra print of course, then hot glued on added the finishing touch! Here's an easy fabric rosette tutorial, FYI.
Once the bags were all finished I stuff them with other handmade goodies including a fleece blanket in a specific fabric chosen for each girl and some jewelry boxed in handmade gift boxes!
On the morning of my wedding I presented a fun gift to each of my sweet friends, handmade by me! :)
What did you or do you plan to give as bridesmaid gifts at YOUR wedding??? I'd love to hear all about them!!
Thanks to Leslie for having me over today! :)
Happy Crafting lovelies!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who says no to FREE MAKEUP!

Because obviously I love giveaways. I recently found a site Free Makeup & Beauty Samples . A family of 6 on a budget does not lend itself to a hole lot of frivolous spending. Makeup being one of them. Don't get me wrong. I wear and have tons of makeup. I just don't spend a lot on it and if I do, I use a coupon. While searching for giveaways I found on giving away MAC Makeup. Ok, I have never owned any MAC makeup but from what I read and here, it is the end all, be all of makeup. Man, I hope my lucky streak keeps up, Momma needs some new makeup!!!

Free Makeup & Beauty Samples

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Weekend, actually big week.

I don't know what I have done in the last week to deserve it, but I have won three giveaways this week for a total of four prizes. So excited. I look forward to the mail daily now.

 I won a Paracord Zombie Survival Bracelet from Mom2MemphisAndRuby. The bracelet is from Zombie Supply Co.  Can't wait to get it in the mail. I got to choose my colors and I chose grey and light pink. A little girlier than I would normally go, but with the harshness of the cord I thought girly colors would look awesome. I hope I am right. 

Then from Through the eyes of the Mrs. , she recently had a 30th birthday group giveaway. Happy Birthday, Beth! I won, large ad space on Jenni Austria German. and I also won a great reclaimed wood sign!! It says "You are my sunshine!" 


Then, I won this print from Mario Palito! Can't wait to get it!!!

God has been good to me this week! Man, I hope I can keep my lucky streak going! 

Also, got some free ad space with Mommy Made! Who also added her ad to my site!! I will be doing a post on that later today!

Designy Tuesday!

It's that time again. Time to show me what you can do.  So you do what you do, I will do what I do, and we will party like it's 1999.

1. Please link to a specific post, not just your blog. 
2. Please visit at least 2 other posts. 
3. Please follow my blog!!! 
4. Party Hardy!

Group Giveaway!!!

The wonderful Salena at A Little Piece of ME is hosting a group giveaway with something from your truly. There are some great prizes to have!!  Go over to her site to enter or click below!!! Good Luck to everyone!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Free Ads for July

Since I am a newbie to the blogging community, I have been using other peoples buttons to promote their site for free. Well, now that I am starting to get some followers and views. I thought I should give other bloggers, either that I know or don't know, a chance to get some more exposure as others have done for me. So for the Month of July I am going to be giving away free ad space for all sizes available. Meaning I am wiping the right side of my blog clean and putting up the ads there. So Any takers???

Just enter the promo code:
and your ad will be free!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Now that my etsy shop is actually up. Why not do a treasury featuring one of my creations and other's related that I like. Here is my braided treasury. If you would like to be included in my treasuries, email me. I would love to feature some of my readers creations!!!

'Braids' by lesliemarquezdesigns

I love braids. Braids in hair. Braids in Polymer Clay. Braided Rugs. Here's what I found in etsy!

Handmade Braided Polymer Cla...

Braided T-Shirt Headband

Braided synthetic hair headb...

Braided Strap Leather Drop B...

Fishtail Braid Extensions - ...

Celtic Braided Knot Goddess ...

Turquoise and White Half Bra...

SALE: Andvari's Thick Br...

Braided Turquoise Beaded Nec...

Studded Braided Colourful St...

Crochet Lion Hat with Braids

Fabric Braided Bracelet - Sp...

Handmade Country Braided Rug

Boho Bombshells: Sweetly Dis...

Braided Tshirt Bracelets in ...

Spring scarf, Womens Scarves...


I am very excited to finally have my button to share with you. More will come as I need them. I like it. Please feel free to grab the button on the side of my page for your blog. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Share, pin, tweet, and Facebook!!! Thanks!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's music of the week: Fair to Midland!

OK, last week I slacked off. Honestly, for the first time since I started my job back in August, I took "PLANNED" vacation time. The kids are out for summer, my boss was away at a conference. I decided I needed a break and took three days off, leading into the weekend, so it was really like 5 days of playing in the water outside with my kids. Friday's music of the week, I decided, could be put on hold. But I am trying to get back into the swing of things. So, I give you a BIG favorite of mine, Fair to Midland!

I found out about these guys by listening to my local stations, Rock 103.9!!! Its a college station radio that I adore and listen to constantly. So, when I heard them for the first time, I was like who are these guys and why don't I know them. They actually frequent the BCS area quite often, unfortunately a lack of funds and babysitters caused me to miss their last show. I won't make that mistake again! So, here are a couple of my favorites.

Much love guys! Keep Rockin!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prettiful Designs: 7 Ways in 7 Days to Knock the Socks Off Your Spous...

I found this very simple yet very brilliant post through pinterest, where else do you find things. and I wanted to share. Lets spice up our marriages people!!!!

Prettiful Designs: 7 Ways in 7 Days to Knock the Socks Off Your Spous...: I met my husband at the beginning of my sophomore year of college at Brigham Young University. We married right before finals at the ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine Award!

Isn't it nice when someone gives you a pat on the back and says "Good job!"?  Well that's what happened to me recently when Tamara from Etcetorize let me know that she was sending me the Sunshine Award.  This award is for “Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”!  What a great thing to pass along~

Here is how this award works:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
  • Answer the following 10 questions about yourself
  • Select 10 more bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award!
  • Don’t forget to copy and paste the award on your blog!
So here goes!  I'll try not to blow your mind with my oh so fascinating life~
1) Fav colour?  This is actually hard to answer. I have been pretty partial to black for a long time but lately, I am in great need of color. I like turquoise, purple, orange, scarlet.

2) Fav animal? Is it strange I don't have a favorite animal. I mean, I love dogs and guinea pigs, but don't have anything in the animal kingdom that springs to mind.

3) Fav number? yeah, I got nothing!

4) Fav drink? I love tea. Any kind of tea. Especially, the green teas with the tapioca balls.

5) Facebook or Twitter?  I do both, but its hard enough just keeping my blog up and networked. I usually use twitter just to inform people of the link parties I participate in.

6) Good book or Good movie? That's a toss up. I am so crunched for time most days that I don't have time to sit down and commit an hour to reading, but a good movie while in bed about to go to sleep, bring it on.  But on the other hand, if I find a good book, you can't get me to put it down, I am cooking while reading, Using the restroom while reading, in the car (not driving obviously) while reading.

7) My passion?At the moment, I am interested in creating home decor that doesn't cost much. I am a big fan of's free section, and freecycle in my community. If I can get it for free and with a little paint, gel medium and glitter make something beautiful for my home, I am on it like white on rice!

8) Giving or getting presents? Well, to be honest, I love getting gifts. I have four kids and a limited budget, so any extra money we have is spent on the kids. Which I guess means I like giving them too!

9)  Fav day? Sunday's, My husband works alot of hours, but the one day we have off together is sunday. That is our day to have fun with the kids. We go to church,  the park, have picnic's, play in the water. I do crafts with my older girls. Its always a good day.

10) Fav flower? Wow, I have never really been asked that before. I like orchids, or rather admire people that can grow orchids. My grandmother used to take so much time and care of them and she was so proud of them, it's a good memory I have of her.

That's it!  That's me. Now you know everything about me.

And now I get to tell you about 10 wonderful bloggers, I follow regularly, out there who I think you need to go check out:

Maria Isabel - Agape Love Designs
Katy - Sweet Verbena
Melissa - I still love you!
All the girls - the letter 4
Morgan - Mrs. Priss

Kristen- Kristen Duke Photography
Steph - Crafting in the Rain
Katie - Little Becky Homecky
Kerri - Momma to 4 cutiez
Caitlin - Cait + Create

Thank you so much Tamara for including me and for liking Leslie Marquez Designs enough to tell others about it.  I'd like to say I'd do this even if my mom were the only person following my blog, but really, it's all of you who keep me inspired and creative.

Thank you!  Have a sun shiny day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Magnetic Makeup Organizer

I decided it was time to clean up my makeup. I am not much of a girlie girl, but I have to wear makeup. Getting older, have imperfection, got to cover them. But my makeup usually is just a mess and a hodgepodge of junk. Probably not the best way to store my makeup. I went from this...

To this!

Now mind you, I didn't attach magnets to the brushes and a few others, but that is in a container neatly on my vanity. I will figure out what to do with that later.

Anyway, You will need a cookie sheet (Dollar store), magnets (Dollar Store), Mod podge, Glitter, scrapbook paper (or you can do what I did and print out a great pattern off the internet!), sponge brushes, and scissors, and ribbon (not pictured)

and of course, a hot glue gun. No project is complete, till you have burned off any remnants of your finger prints with hot glue!
This is my trusty, very old, very worn hot glue gun that I, sort of, stole from my mom. She will probably see this and go, I was wondering where this went!! Hi MOM!!!

So, I had multiple sheets of paper to cover this, as the cookie sheet is bigger than your standard 8.5 x 11 paper. Using my exacto knife and scissors, I sized the paper, in the tray, and cut it to fit.

This is the part where the kids get involved. My girls love helping me do projects, especially when glitter is involved. So Mod Podge is harmless, so they helped me spread it onto the cutting board.

Then I placed the paper on top, making sure it didn't have air bubbles. 

Then I added glitter to the Mod Podge. 

And applied to the entire thing, even the lip that is outside the paper. Yes, it was a big mess but was it worth it, YES!!

So once its all covered and glitterized, let it dry for about 30 minutes. You can be working on the other side of the project and it should be done by then. 

Next, Get your glue gun ready and your makeup. Using the magnets from the dollar store. Hot glue them to the back of the compacts. Oh, and I had to learn the hard way that you need to pay attention to which side of the magnets neet to be attached to the makeup. I had a few that I had to redo because the magnets wouldn't work on one side. 

Once the tray is dry, flip it over and measure the ribbon so that it goes from the bottom all the way to the top with lots of extra so you can tie the two pieces together and make a bow. I did the ribbon all the way up the tray with hot glue to make sure it had plenty to hold onto and would be sturdy enough to hold up the weight. 

Then, tie a bow at the top and hang. Once hung, add your makeup! 

Voila! Makeup Organized! Nailed it!

Hope you like the tutorial. It looks great in my bathroom and my hubby is just glad there is not makeup all over the sink in the bathroom!

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