Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perfectly Posh!

I love getting the mail. I sign up for samples all the time. I love samples. What a great way to try out products for free, then go nuts and by a bunch!!! 

So, the very lovely Tiffany, a consultant for Perfectly Posh, was kind enough to send me some samples. It was even wrapped in this very cute paper. 

She sent a "chunk" of Hippie scrubber soap, patchouli vanilla flavored, Sugarfix sugar scrub, Hottie Patottie body lotion and Lemon rice body butter. First, all of them smelled amazing. 

 I have to be honest I am and have never been a big patchouli fan, despite my tree-hugger tendencies, but this stuff smells amazing. Then when I used it the lather was nice and fluffy and was strong enough on the lather to actually shave with it. It's is hard to find in a bar of soap for shaving, I am big on shaving cream, but this was perfect!

The SugarFIX is this sugar scrub, It was great too, Honestly, I wish I had had more of it. I scrubbed with it and my skin was so smooth and the sugar dissolved away into this great oil that really softened my skin.

Now, the Hottie Patottie, love the name. Smelled really good and kind of like brown sugar. I always say, you want to make a man drool, smell like cookies!

The Lemon rice body butter, was like Buttah! Sorry, I went Barbara Streisand for a minute! But it was really rich and stuck, in a good way. It didn't sweat off, really moisturizing, and did wonders for my elbows. 

So, Ladies or Gentleman (there are men's products too) go over to Tiffany's posh site and try some for yourself. I am going to get me some for it, these little things were such a tease!!!

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