Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Music of the week: Dead Sara

I am a rocker chic through and through. Girl Rockers rank right up there. And this girl rocker is completely insane. I saw Dead Sara at a concert at Harry's in College Station. They were playing with Chevelle and New Medicine. She put these guys in their place. Don't get me wrong, NO ONE rocks like Chevelle, but she ripped it up. She was jumping off of speakers, screaming (singing) as loud as she could with the songs and it was amazing. I want to be her when I grow up!!! The lead singer is Emily Armstrong, and the guitarist is Siouxsie Medley, two girls that will forever be in my books as Kick Ass!! Here is one of their latest videos and my favorite song from them.


"Sorry for It All"

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  1. Hey Leslie, i do believe we can be great blogger friends! You had me at Chevelle!! I just saw them in OKC a few months ago. Come follow my blog and you'll see the recent concerts i've attended. I'm also a Texas Blogger. Holli