Friday, April 12, 2013

Music of the week: Default

I have been listening to Default lately. They are from Canada and believe it or not, they were started by Chad Kroeger of Nickleback, which I thought was a cool tidbit of information. One song in particular has been stuck in my head, which I am not complaining about this time. "It only Hurts" is a great song, the lyrics speak of heart break and how it hurts to even be awake. I can understand that. So, here is a video with lyrics I found. Unfortunately, they didn't make an official video for it but oh well. I included a few more videos of the band. They have some greats!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update: Where the hell have I been?

So, I realized today that I haven't posted anything since November. Life has been hectic and crazy with no sign of reprieve. I actually started to miss ranting and crafting and music posts. I think I might need to go gonzo style with some ranting one day for the therapeutic benefit. I have been so busy with life in general that I kind of became overwhelmed and shut down. I have lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for months, but I haven't been exercising lately and man, can I feel it. I feel broken and weak. There was a full two weeks where every one of my kids were sick, which means the hubby and I got sick too. So that put a damper on things.

When I say shut down, I mean I was literally doing just enough to get by. There comes a point when everything is too much and you don't want to do anything. I think that is what happened with the blog not to mention my life.

So, in honor of trying to get my sh*t together I am posting this in an attempt to coax some encouragement out of my readers. I plan to start back up my music of the day on Fridays. I have found some amazing music lately, but I have been keeping it myself (Bad Girl!) Also, the one thing I have been doing to reading. A lot!!! So, I thought I would start doing some book reviews. FYI, I read paranormal romances, Sci-Fi and contemporary romances (usually involving bad boys, rock stars or bikers, love me some bad boys). I can't wait to tell you some of the great books I have found. I have a few book boyfriends, as I call them, that I want to introduce you too so I am not the only one swooning over imaginary characters! HA! I will get back into craft tutorials when I have time to actually craft something. I will be updating my weight loss journey, with pictures I might add. Because, and I am totally tooting my own horn here, but I have lost 50 pounds and I think I look pretty hot, for a big girl anyway.

Once again, I am pulling for encouragement people!!! Pathetic I know, but I don't' really have any cheerleaders around me so I will beg if I have to!!!!

Watch for Friday when I showcase Default! Started listening to some of their older stuff and found some amazing music that has been stuck in my head for weeks, which oddly enough, is not a complaint!!! See you then.