Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lamp Shade remake!

So, my kids are hard on everything in my house. Sometimes I am amazed that the house is still standing when I get home. I have a great babysitter. But it never fails, they get a hold of something and ten minutes later, someone, usually Elena, runs up and tells me someone broke it. So, I recently inherited a lamp from my grandmother who passed away last year. Actually, I have been given a ton of her decor and I love every bit of it. Its quirky and weird and I love that she is all over my house. I will post picture of all her stuff, because it is awesome! Anyway. The Lamp is kind of modern brushed metal with a simple white cloth lamp shade. Well, as I was setting up the lamp I noticed that the shade was starting to come apart a little bit. I thought, oh, I can fix that, maybe do something to the shade to liven it up. Then, like clockwork, Elena runs up to me and says, "Look what Nevin did!" Big Surprise. she ripped the shade apart.

Please ignore the mounds of crap behind the shade. My "craft bar" is usually the last thing on my very long list of things to keep clean. Did I mention I have four kids under 6?
Also, Please excuse the pictures. My camera's battery pooped out on me as I started to take the first picture. Camera Fail!!

Anyway, I thought, I have ribbon, I have hot glue, I can fix this and make it cuter and to my style.  First thing I did was tape the ring to the top with just some regular tape to hold it in place.

So, I measure my ribbon using the shade (sorry no picture) and cute 6 strips of ribbon. 
Then I positioned the first ribbon right on the seam, that way at least one of them would be straight. I hot glued the inside first to make sure it was sturdy, but you have to remember to add the hoop under the ribbon. It was freakin hard to hold but thats how I attached the hoop to the shade. 

Then set the shade down on a flat surface, grabbed my glue gun and put a semi-thick line of glue all the way down the seam. then attached the ribbon as straight as humanly possible.
Don't you just love my "old as dirt and covering in glue" glue gun. It was originally my Moms and i have had other glue guns but this one gets super hot unlike some of the newer guns and gives me more time for manipulation (not to mention burnt finger tips). I love it!
So I sectioned off the shade into three's at first, and glued ribbon to these three spots I "eye balled". Then I went back in between the three spots with three more ribbons. By doing three ribbons first it made it look more uniform than adding one at a time.

Then with some craps of ribbon I added little bows. I think it is sooooo much cuter than it was and it's pretty durable. At least the kids haven't destroyed it yet.

I will probably go back over the ring with more hot glue to really strengthen it, but for now, I like it. The bows are cute.

Well, hopefully my camera will be ready to go next time I need it. So better pictures next time, I promise. Well thanks for stopping by. Be sure and check out my ETSY shop too!! I add more items everyday!!

Now, to go see what the minions are getting into! Later!

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  1. What a simple yet super cute re-do. Love it, lady!