Monday, July 2, 2012

What a day, New Sponsor

So, Saturday was fun, let see. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was not in a good mood when I got up. I had to run to the store to get food and milk and diapers for the day because the hubby was taking the car to work. Yes, we have one car, and yes, he works EVERY Saturday! Meaning, I am with all four of them from 7:45 to about 6:25. I love my kids, but they're a handful. So, the hubs goes to work, and I look around the house and I swear I can feel the walls start closing in. Not from claustrophobia, but because of the mess. This is my "unhappy the state of the house" face.

What you need to understand is, the girls got new captains beds. The bunk beds they had before were becoming hazardous to Nevin's life. I couldn't keep her off the top bunk. I even took the ladder off at one point. What did she do? She figured out how to get up on the top bunk by using the window sill next to the bed. Smart girl, but not good!!! She is fearless, and likes to give Mommy a heart attack. So we got captains beds. This is what their room looks like now.

So much better, but she can still get on the beds and cause havoc. This is my crazy life.  Oh, but what I was getting at was in order to put these beds in their room, we had to empty their entire room to set them up. Meaning my living room, that I try so desperately to keep clean and free of toys, is now littered with every doll, stuffed animal, kitchen set, barbie,and littlest pet shop in their room. I work 40 hours a week and we did this on a Wednesday that my husband had off. So the house was a wreck until Saturday. House a wreck = Not a Happy Momma!!! The minions didn't want to clean either. So I spent the rest of the day trying to keep the house in one piece and clean at the same time. I was not happy. Luckily the Hubs had Sunday off (He works a lot, which is good, but not much family time together, boooo) and the house was spic and span by Monday Morning.

Anyway, now that I have ranted, I want to tell you about a new sponsor. I want to thank Maria-Isabel, aka the Mommy, from Mommy Made for being my first sponsor.

Mommy Made

Not to sound like a blog stalker, but she is a big inspiration to me for this whole blogging world. I follow both her sites and love everything she does. Mommy Made is her blog about being "the Mommy" to her three adorable children. She is a great photographer and has really great pictures of the kiddos. She has crafts and activity ideas as well. My favorite is Girls Be Mine Valentines Day Shirt. Honestly, I have seen this time and again and thought, why didn't I think of this, but at the same time, don't want my girls to see it because I want to make them a surprise for next valentines day, and they will make me make 40 of them well before that if they see the tutorial. So, go check her out.


  1. I already saw some traffic coming from your blog, so I had to come check it out and saw this post!! :) You are too sweet! Thanks for the compliments and I am happy to be a sponsor!!

    On the other hand, I totally feel you on the bad days!! As much as I love my kids, when I have be stuck at home with them for looooong periods of time without the hubs I can go crazy! lol For some reason they listen better and even help clean better ONLY when he is there!

  2. Your welcome! Glad your getting some traffic!!

    Yeah, it urks me to no end that we suddenly have angels in the house when Daddy is home. I usually ask, who are you and what did you do with my real children.