Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ok, I am a slacker, sort of.

I have been a slacker this week. Well, that's not entirely true. Let me rephrase. I have been a slacker to my blog. I have been in a slump, but I have been exercising every morning, so I have not been a slacker to myself but to my blog. My wifi router went out, so, I didn't have internet for a few days. But that is really just an excuse. I didn't realize how much time blogging really took, I think I was burnt out being a slave to my blog. I was writing and posting and watching my followers climb and really excited about it but not really living life.

I have been getting up, pretty much, every morning at 5 (yes, I said 5 a.m.) to walk/exercise. I have been doing 2 miles every morning and surprisingly, I am not tired of it. I love getting up in the morning and have peace and quiet for the 30-45 minutes I exercise. No one asking me for something, or screaming or saying "Mommy...." I know that probably sounds horrible. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but there are four of them. Its exhausting sometimes and I have realized going for a walk every morning helps me get my head together and it has really helped. I like to think it makes me a better mom or at least I hope it does. I do feel better, I am now down 14 pounds since I started this weight loss journey. Its great that clothes I haven't worn in a while fit better. Hell, I have underwear that fit better now! I felt ridiculous as I typed that, but its true, so sue me!

I think the fact that tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 33 (ugh, I hated writing that) has helped and hindered me. I am exercising like crazy, but I am still kind of in a funk. I think I need a vacation but when the hell is that ever going to happen. I have four kids, a full time job, a house to run, a blog, and hobby to feed. Ok, that last one probably should be erased, but if I didn't make stuff/craft, I would be way worse off mentally. I tend to think I am the artsy fartsy type, meaning I am moody and emotional and need to create to feel human. I think I am just a raving lunatic in a sane persons body (does that make sense).

Well, I think that is enough from this raving lunatic today. Check back tomorrow when I have my birthday giveaway! I have some really great prizes from some really great bloggers! Laters!

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