Monday, August 27, 2012

Home is where your heart is, I hope.

Well, this weekend was a sad one. My childhood home that I grew up in is being sold and today they are closing on it. I had to drive to Houston to help my mother get the last bits of things out of the house on Sunday. It was so weird walking around the house. It was so empty. That house held 28 years (or so) of stuff, My dads, My moms, My sister and My stuff. No one ever really moves out of their parents house. There is always residual "stuff" from your past. I guess what makes me sad is my parents home that I could always run to when I needed my mommy, is gone.

My parent divorced a few years ago, separated close to 6, and put the house on the market soon after separating. It finally sold after many years on the market and walking through the house was definitely surreal. I don't think it has really hit me. I want to cry but don't have the energy to, to much other stuff going on. Walking through my old bedroom that was now completely empty made me sad. I have great memories in this house. I had my first sleep over here. I learned to do lots of the crafty stuff I do here with my Mom and Sister. You don't realize how much impact a piece of property can have till its gone. I have many wonderful Christmas memories, birthdays, first dates, Homecoming, and prom. Not to mention the wedding we had for my aunt that I was a flower girl for.  I will miss this house. I am sad that my kids, although some will have memories of it, will not have Christmas here ever again.

My beautiful mom, and me in front of the house, excuse our appearance, we were sweaty from moving furniture! 

My and the hubby, again, sweaty from moving furniture.

When my parents separated, my family (my husband and kids) moved in with her to help Mom out (of course it was to help us as well through a tough time). My kids consider that house their home as much as I did and still do. The pool in the backyard was their play toy as much as it was my moms relaxation pool. My swing set, which is a huge industrial metal pipe structure cemented into the ground, is still there. I am sorry my kids were never really old enough to play on it. OK, now I am crying.  I guess it took writing about it to spring the tears... Oh well, I need to focus on the great times we had. I had a wonderful childhood here!!


  1. Oh my friend- cry it out. You have a lot of fond memories in that house and you're allowed to be sad. Do you ever listen to country music? If so, your post reminded me of Miranda Lambert's song The house that built me. Hang in there- Hugs from a blogger friend. Holli