Friday, August 10, 2012

Music of the week: Crossfade

Hello everyone. I have been stuck in my world and not done much in the blogging world this week. I don't' know what it is but music has always soothed the savage beast in me and this week it has been Crossfade that is my therapy.  The song "So far away" has been my friend this week (meaning I am wearing out the mp3 on my player) so i want to share it with you. I can't find an actual video which is a shame. But at least you get to hear it.

Here are a few more that have been in rotation this week by crossfade.




I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway this weekend. And I will have more posts on some projects I have been working on.


  1. I can't do without my music. New follower from the Southern Bloggers list. Julie @ I'm in Tennessee. Would love a followback.

  2. new follower found you on our reflection
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