Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Thankful Challenge Day 4

Day 4

  1. Biscuit in a can - or cinnamon rolls, or crescent rolls in a can. I am thankful for anything that makes my life easier in the morning.  I DO NOT function well in the morning. We joke that we are vampires and that we can't take the light. I kid you not, we do not turn turn on lights, we barely speak to each other. 
  2. Coffee - like I said we do not function well in the morning. Give me coffee or give me death. Must have caffeine. 
  3. My cell phone - How do we all stay connected to family and friends without them. I can actually remember a time when we didn't have cell phones. Hell, I remember when I had a pager, not that I always answered the page (sorry Dad) but I remember how hard it used to be to keep track of everyone.

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