Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's music of the week: Fair to Midland!

OK, last week I slacked off. Honestly, for the first time since I started my job back in August, I took "PLANNED" vacation time. The kids are out for summer, my boss was away at a conference. I decided I needed a break and took three days off, leading into the weekend, so it was really like 5 days of playing in the water outside with my kids. Friday's music of the week, I decided, could be put on hold. But I am trying to get back into the swing of things. So, I give you a BIG favorite of mine, Fair to Midland!

I found out about these guys by listening to my local stations, Rock 103.9!!! Its a college station radio that I adore and listen to constantly. So, when I heard them for the first time, I was like who are these guys and why don't I know them. They actually frequent the BCS area quite often, unfortunately a lack of funds and babysitters caused me to miss their last show. I won't make that mistake again! So, here are a couple of my favorites.

Much love guys! Keep Rockin!

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