Saturday, April 9, 2011

Up-cycled corner shelf, my new piece of furniture! But still need ideas!!

So, My husband found this by the side of the road near our house, Off of Caudill and Haines, in College Station, TX.

This is one of the great things I have discovered about College Station. People throw out good stuff that just needs a cleaning and a little paint and maybe some imagination. So. Fred brought it home and pressure washed it. and I sat around looking at it for two days, trying to figure out what to do to it. Honestly, I still haven't or at least it is not finished. So here are pictures of the process.

 This is when I first got it in the garage.  

First Coat!!!!

This is it in my house.

Now comes the dilemma, what do I do to it now! I am torn between decoupaging pictures and stencilling cool designs on it in black. Leave a comment with your ideas!


  1. I Love THIS!! Next time he finds something like this, Tell him to bring it to my house!! I need more things like this! haha