Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Sites for tutorials.

I am constantly searching and researching websites for tutorials, inspiration, free stuff, free tips, if it has to do with art, jewelry, metalsmithing, I will find it, and usually find it free...So, I figured I should list some of the sites and information I find, not only to help others but so I have them written down somewhere. I have four kids and a house to keep up, I am lucky if I remember my name, my real name, not MOM!! Anyway, here are a list of Great sites I found::

  1. - This site has free and paid tutorials for every thing from beading, to metalsmithing, to polymer clay. Very informative.
  2. - I really want to make my blog something people actually look for and use and READ!!! I have been looking for ways to drive people to my blog. This is a great and loooonnnnggg list of things to do to do just that!
  3. - I love this site. It has something for every craft enthusiast. They share blogs based on specific types of crafts by that I mean they are well catagorized. There are templates, tutorials, contest....
  4. - I found this site years ago when I started getting back into crafts. Lots to look at, you set up your own profile, you can post projects you finished, tutorials with pictures or video (I have one search for me, Groovymama!!!) , inspration from other blogs they have found, learn about Crafty superstars out in the world, etc. I could spend hours on this site if I wanted to, there is soooo much to see!!
  5. - I think I have a craft crush on Jennifer Perkins. I want to be like her when I grow up. wink wink. She has great style and and great spirit. I like to look at her stuff for inspiration, she does everything and she is a texas local. She is in Austin. Someday, I will meet and pick her brain. (did that sound stalker-ish?)

Thats what I have for today. I will be posting great sites anytime I find them. If you find some you like, send them to me or comment below about it. I looooovvvvveee finding a diamond in the rough of the internet!!!

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