Monday, October 15, 2012

My latest obsession and why I haven't posted much lately.

OK, I know I keep saying this, but I guess that is my guilt talking. I have not been writing much on my blog because my attention has been on books, and work, and kids, and life. Pretty sure I am driving my husband crazy. What started as just wanting to know what the hype was about, I read "Fifty Shade of Grey", led to reading the other two in the series and from there I kind of went nuts. All I can say is, did it just get hot in here? Not the best written books, but I enjoyed them none the less. I forget how much I love reading. I don't have a lot of time for much, but when I get obsessed about something, I go kind of nuts. My husband and I are both like that. Anyway, so After reading these, I started searching the internet for more books. Usually, I don't read romance books, but I found books that I like from this other book review blog, (Thank you, Maryse!) So here is the list of books I have read lately, and bare with me its long...

1. Bared to You - This one was good, alot like 50 shades, but instead of one damaged person, there are two in the relationship and of course there is the billionaire aspect, which is always a fun fantasy. Who wouldn't love to have all the money in the world??? This is also part of a series, the second one, reflected in you, just recently came out, which is a good one too.

2. Gabriel's inferno - This one, I have to admit was not one of my favorites. It was long and kind of slow and kind of mushy. Not that that is a bad thing, but not what I was expecting. Lots of emotions, but like I said, not what I was looking for. This one is a teacher and student relationship. It was sad at times because of the complications of the teacher/student aspect. I am not saying it wasn't worth the read, but it was lacking something for me.

3. Beautiful Disaster - This one BY FAR, is my favorite. Its got your bad boy, a girl with a past she is trying to run from and lots of chemistry and complications that at times, pissed me off. But as all good stories go, it has a great ending. It has a college setting, which I kind of liked. All of it was great. I really like it.

4. Thoughtless - This one I was a bit reluctant to start just because the synopsis suggested cheating within the relationship, but once I got started, I couldn't stop. It has the rock star bad boy, the surfer boy good guy and a silly girl who can't make up her mind. It was emotional and heartbreaking at times, other times it was really hot!!! The second book to the series, Effortless, was really good as well. There is a third one coming out next year!!! I can't wait!!

5. Slammed - This one was really good, and sad. My friend was so mad that I didn't warn her about how sad it was but the story as a whole was really heartfelt. It is a guy who had his entire life dropped in his lap when his parents died and left him with his kid brother to take care of and the girl who moved across the street when her dad died and mom moved them there. There is also the Teacher/student aspect, which is never a good thing. They go to lots of slam poetry nights that yield some really great poems. The second one, Point of Retreat, might have been better than the first one, mainly because of the roller coaster of emotions.

6.Rock Me - Ahh, who doesn't love a hot tattoo artist.... But how do you fall for one when your pretentious parental figures would never go for it. This one was hot and emotional. Definitely a good read!

7. How to Kill a Rock Star - This one I just finished this weekend. I don't want to admit this, but three fourths of the way through the book, I was crying and wanted to throw the book. Luckily I didn't because I was reading it on my android phone and would have broken it. But I finished it and really liked it. I would definitely recommend this one.

8. Fall from Grace - Now on to Paranormal Romances. I tend to like these more, just because I love Vampire, angel, demon books, werewolf  books. I will admit I read the twilight series, but not till after I read the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles books, all of them, I might add. I love supernatural stuff. I was reading this type before they were popular. Anyway, this is a good one, its a little confusing at first, just cause your not sure what the main character is, but once that was clear it was amazing. She is a soul trapped on earth, going from body to body for centuries all because she kissed an angel back in the day. She searches for him for centuries with the help of the Archangel Gabriel, or so you think. Pretty Cool, huh? They just came out with the second one, Saving Grace, which I haven't read yet, but I am looking forward to it.

9. A touch of crimson - Another Paranormal Romance (this is how most sites categorize them, not my words!) More Angels, More Demons and a girl that has a touch of both. Actually, it has an army of angels, which makes it interesting. I enjoyed this one and am looking forward to reading the rest.

10. Bait - Vampire Romance Book. I liked this one. She is, well, the bait for a vampire. She works for a group of mercenaries and they are out to get the "overlord" vampire. So, she is trying to get one vampire and ends up being "given" as a gift to the overlord. Its just gets more exciting from there.  Kind of racy at parts, but who doesn't like a little raciness (is that a word?) This is also part of a series. I haven't read the rest of them, but I am sure I will. Oh and this one is free on Amazon, for kindle at least!!!!

11. Awakened - Another Vampire Romance book, just set in college, and you really don't get that he is a vamp until well into the book. At first, you just think he is a frat boy, little do the unsuspecting co-eds know. So, bad boy vamp, cute girl, lots of excitement and drama. What more could you ask for? Free, that's what. Its free from Amazon.

12. Branded This one was really good. Jessica tries to never fall asleep. If she does, she goes to trial for people she doesn't know in front of angels and demons, who decide the souls fate, up or down. If they go down, she gets the brand, a giant X on her neck, every time. She even has the marks when she wakes up. Its horrifying and she is terrified, but its been happening for years. It gets better when the evil one falls for her while she is falling for another. So, its a fight to keep her sanity. Love this one!

So, I know its a long list and not even all of the books I have read and I will probably give more of my suggestions as I go. Right now, I am reading, Conversion, Vampire romance. He is a part-vampire, part-human, with a crazy part vampire family. I haven't gotten far in it, but I am enjoying it. I will let you know how it goes.


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