Monday, May 28, 2012

Kiera's 5th birthday party, Puss in Boots theme!

Kiera's 5th birthday!
Puss in Boots Theme!

We had a wonderful time at Kiera's party. The theme came together quite well, I have to say. I think I have probably doomed myself, just because now I have to keep it up and do all the cutesy stuff at all the parties from now on. But it was really fun putting it together and I am sure I will do more next birthday (there are four children, I should have plenty of practice by the time I am done with kiddie birthdays, if I will ever truly be done). 

 So the decorations I did were a beanstalk (If you haven't seen puss in boots, Jack and the beanstalk is the main idea behind the movie, so I ran with that.) The bean stalk was made out of pool noodles and had 3-d paper dolls of Puss, Kittie Soft Paws, and Humpty Dumpty  that I got off an HP website featuring puss in boots. They turned out really good, and they were super easy to make and free (not considering the card stock and ink it took)

Then we had magic beans, of course!!

Then there were the golden goose eggs!! These are left over plastic eggs from easter that I spray painted gold. I used Krylon Metallic in Brilliant Gold. It didn't say plastic on the can, but for three bucks, I was willing to try it. I figured if it didn't work, I can always use it for other projects. Luckily, it sprayed beautifully and once it was dry, did not flake or rub off, which was actually my worst fear. I (or rather my sister) filled the eggs with Hershey's kisses. What is the equivalent of golden goose eggs, CHOCOLATE!!!

The cupcakes I bought from Sam's. They were delicious and inexpensive and I was able to get them in the colors I wanted. The toppers I made myself. Click here for a free printable.

So that is the Decor for the party. But the highlight of the party was really the bouncy house.
We had a bouncy house, made for smaller kids, with a moon walk and slide with ball pit. It was a perfect day. The sun was shining but not so bad that it was extremely hot. The bouncy house package we got through Fiestas Portable Party Packages , came with a canopy, table and 6 chairs. We all went outside a lot to just hang out and watch the funny kids go crazy!!

Bouncy house on one side, ball pit on the other. 

Nevin couldn't be happier and messier. Which was my fault. The kids started saying that the house was getting hot. So I thought, well, this thing came with an optional water hose attachment. Lets hose it down. Needless to say, everyone was wet and dirty but oh so happy. Whatever, I got over the hole dirt thing years ago.

Kiera got lots of gifts that she loved, but her favorite, which was from Mommy and Daddy was her Fluffling. Yes, you read that correctly, a Fluffling. It is basically a trible (if you recall your Star Trek Trivia) that sings, speaks, and cries. Everything noisy you could think of, it does. I know I am going to be sorry I bought it but it made her happy and there is an off button. I like off buttons!!

That is one happy five year old. 

Happy Birthday, Kiera! 
I love you baby!

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  1. The kids had so much fun at this party! Thank you fo inviting us!
    Ricky told his daddy when he got home that "There was a beanstalk growing from the table" Tommy asked if it was magic Ricky said "I dont know but there was that bad egg guy from that cat movie on there" LOL

  2. That's Hilarious. I am glad they had fun. Thanks for coming. Having the boys there made their day!

  3. Love the 'bean' stalk a great idea and the 'parts' will be useful for summer pool time!

    1. Thanks! I know, they tore the bean stalk apart as soon as the party was over to have "sword fights" outside in the sprinklers!!