Sunday, January 1, 2012

New years resolutions, crafty and otherwise

Ok so it's that time if year, I have decided to make a list of specific goals to improve my life that are realistic and attainable.

  1. First and foremost, without neglecting anything, I am going to focus on me
    1. I am going to make conscience choices in my food. Starting with eating breakfast when I first wake up to stir up my metabolism. Drink Water. Get back to eating small meals every four hours (this change alone helped me lose 50 pounds before, I think I can do it again). 
    2. I am going to exercise. I have been making excuses for too long. First it was, I am still recovering from having Nevin (she is one, I think that excuse flew the coop about 6 months ago). Then it was I am tired. Yes, I work all day and then have to care for my four children, but that will not change (unless I win the lotto) and exercise will help me be less tired. 
    3. I am going to make sure that at least an hour during the work week I focus on making jewelry and one hour of taking pictures of my jewelry. Then I intend to spend two hours (give or take)  on the weekend, making jewelry and putting the pictures on the web. I really have to get my true passion back up and running. 
    4. I am also tired of having heaps of laundry to do every weekend. I have a theory that if I washed, dried and folded a load every night, there would be less to do on the weekend and more time to spend with the kids or working on my jewelry (I just know I am going to get a "I told you that" from my mother). 
    5. Clean house more. I am notorious for putting off cleaning till the dishes in the sink over take the kitchen. I hate doing dishes and have to stop doing this.
    6. and last but not least. I have to quit smoking. Its killing me, and I know it and my kids are getting old enough to start questioning why I am smoking. For me, for them, for life, I have to. Not to mention, its too damn expensive. I have to accept that I am not a kid anymore and if I don't make this change it will end me. There I said it!
I think if I can follow these goals, I will be so much happier and productive. I think the fact that I am so inactive is over flowing into the rest of my life and causing me to be lazy. I figure if I put it on the blog, which I am going to update weekly from now on, then its out there, even if no one reads it. I know its there and I will be more successful if I spell it out plainly. I know these resolutions will change as they do, but there are certain ones that I will not change no matter how much I have to white knuckle it. I will let you know in a week how it goes, and hopefully have a new tutorial for who ever actually reads this. 

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  1. Read these once a day, especially the part about my Mother told me so:) LOL Love you!!